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Doors of Success Etiquette presents

“Etiquette in Action”

Children’s & Youth Summer Camps

Choose Civility!

   As  G.B. Shaw said “There is no accomplishment so easy to       acquire as politeness and none so  profitable.” In a world that is getting progressively smaller and families are getting busier, students need every encouragement that showing respect for others in all walks of life makes a difference, whether on a sports team or at the dinner table!

   Over the course of this three day “Etiquette in Action’ manners camp, students will learn key etiquette skills that are essential to life! Allow Doors of Success School of Etiquette help your child  or teen learn skills to last a lifetime in a fun and memorable way this summer!

Campers will learn a wide variety of SOCIAL, DINING & LIFE SKILLS!

Summer Camp Topics:

Conversation Topics
Good Manners
Guest Etiquette
Hosting Visitors
Having Eye-Contact
Making New Friends
Setting the Table
Speaking to Adults
Sportsmanship & Teamwork
Table Manners & Etiquette
Telephone & Cellular Phone Etiquette
Thank you Cards & Notes 

Shyness - Is it polite?

Camp Cost: $250.00 per person

Location: Doors of Success Etiquette Studio

52 Hamel Road, Hamel, MN 55340

Choose either two camp times of

9:00am - 11:00am


1:00pm - 3:00pm

Camp Quick Takes:

~  Students in the CHILDREN CAMPS will    

    be given an “Etiquette in Action” worksheet to promote        

    & practice their good manners outside of class.

    This will be a daily assignment.

~  Each camp is limited to 10 students,

    so register quickly as classes do fill!

~ Students will receive “manners keys” (handouts) every    

   day & have complete key set by the last day of camp.

~  Students will receive a snack to practice with during    

    the dining portion of camp

~  Age appropriate interactive games and role play        

    activities are incorporated to make learning manners    

    fun & rewarding!

~ Themed camp days! ~

Hawaiian Day 

  Sports Day         

Red White & Blue Patriotic Day

This was an amazing class! I can't wait to take more classes! 10/10 stars from me. :)

“I was so pleased with Doors of Success School of  Etiquette’s                classes! The biggest change is that my children KNOW what to 
do and now can put it into practice. Thank you for your investment 
into my children’s lives!” 
Mother of a 3rd grade boy and Kindergarten girl, Mendota Heights

2016   Camp Schedule in the works....

                            AGE CATEGORIES

                                CHILDREN 8-12    

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents......

I teach my child manners at home, why pay to send them to a class?
 Every parent likes reinforcement! Our goal at Doors of Success Etiquette is to come alongside those awesome parents that are still teaching respect and manners at home and to assist you in your job as the parents! Statistically children receive “manners instruction” better from an outside source. We want the light bulb to begin turning on for your child and them to begin saying in class “Ohhhh, mom says that!”

               PARENT CORNER 1 - “My children do not complain anymore when reminded of showing good manners.” ~ April 2013

                    PARENT CORNER 2 -"I loved that my daughters heard about manners from someone other than me! It starts to feel like   
                                                                      nagging at home, but hearing it from a fun teacher in a fun setting made manners interesting to them."

Will my SON benefit from this class?
Absolutely! No question whatsover! We love having little gentlemen in class and KNOW they will come away with a new appreciation for having GOOD manners! We have NEVER had a boy attend class that said he didn’t like it. We make learning important manners fun and show the importance of it. PLUS, we serve food in class and what boy says ‘no’ to food! We PROMISE you that those little guys that are crying in the car on the way over will tell you on the way home THEY HAD FUN & LEARNED SOMETHING.  

Will they learn anything that I am not already encouraging them to do?
Yes! Yes, and YES. We are also confident that YOU the parent, will learn something during the parent review portion of class.

            “They are practicing what they learned - it is so exciting! My youngest daughter did not enjoy making eye contact 
                with adults she was speaking to - she is doing so now. They discuss and practice table manners at dinner - great 
                encouragement for the rest of us to follow suit.” MAY 2013

 - Will they have fun?
Most definitely! We have many role play activities in class to get the students out of their chairs and begin putting their manners skills INTO ACTION.

            “Very pleased with this program!  It emphasized social graces that are so lacking in today’s society. Ms. Miller related to the       
             children in a way their age could understand.  The class was fun and engaging while learning life-long skills.”  APRIL 2013

- My child does not want to go, do I still send them?
We will let another parent answer this question........
                       “My daughter did not want to attend the class, but was happy afterwards that she went.” 

What are Ms. Miller’s credentials? Is she certified & background checked?
Ms. Miller has a background in elementary education, with a Bachelor of Science in education. She received her etiquette and protocol certification from the American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Miller is background checked by both state and federal authorities and also has gone through Virtus Training to teach in private schools. Ms. Miller is a proud alumni of the Plymouth Citizens Police Academy and very involved in the community in numerous ways. Ms. Miller is has had over 2000 students- Kindergarten through corporate-come through manners workshops and classes. She is also the new 2015 in-house etiquette instructor for the Saint Paul Hotel. 

Will you recommend these manners programs to others?
“Yes, I have already signed my 2 younger boys up for the summer camp after taking the ‘More Than Manners’ spring class.”

“I already have.  I have recommended this class and teacher/company to my daughter's school to be offered either during school hours or as an after-school activity.  I've already spoken of this program to many of my daughter's friends and our family.” 

                                           WHAT OTHER PARENT’S THOUGHTS OF OUR MANNERS PROGRAMS
                          “It was helpful to have the room set-up as realistically as possible so the children could fully 
                        understand how to use their new-found etiquette skills.  I so appreciated Ms. Miller's educational             
                        background and understanding of the development of the school aged student with realistic 
                        expectations of the students.”
Doors of Success Etiquette is  excited to be partnering with Feed my Starving Children to help children in need. A portion of every children’s  Etiquette Class registration goes towards helping children around the globe!